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SpectorSoft “Parent’s Guide to Internet Lingo” Cracks Secret Online Language of Children and Predators

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Simple acronyms like CUL8R and IMHO have rapidly evolved into a complex and often sexually-charged cryptic language, which has now been unlocked in the “Parent’s Guide to Internet Lingo” published by SpectorSoft Corporation (

This ground-breaking Internet safety guide defines more than 100 pages of terms like GNOC, IWSN and PAW used in email, chat, text, instant messages, and in Facebook and MySpace, and condenses them into Top 100 and Top 20 lists for easy reference. Best of all, the “Parent’s Guide to Internet Lingo” is a free download at: along with an interactive Internet Lingo Quiz to reveal how much you really understand about what they’re saying online.

“SpectorSoft is firmly committed to helping parents keep children safe online and two ways we do this is with the free Lingo Guide and the automatic Lingo Translation feature built in to the new 2010 Spector Pro products”

Today the company also launched Spector Pro 2010 for Windows and Spector Pro mac 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show, where SpectorSoft is exhibiting (North Hall LVCC Booth #3224B) and speaking on an Internet Safety Panel at the Mommy Tech Summit, January 8 at 12:00 noon (North Hall LVCC, N262).

Internet lingo originated with basic abbreviations like CUL8R (see you later), IMHO (in my humble opinion), and LOL (laughing out loud). It has since evolved into a complex language with thousands of terms and alpha-numeric expressions used to convey affection like HAK (hugs and kisses), covert signals such as PAW (parents are watching), illegal substances like 420 (marijuana), and sexual advances like GNOC (get naked on cam) or IWSN (I want sex now). The “Parent’s Guide to Internet Lingo” defines these and thousands of elusive terms like zerg (to gang up on someone), MIRL (meet in real life), 8 (oral sex), GYPO (get your pants off), and CD9 (Code 9 – parents are around).

SpectorSoft is also the first Internet monitoring software provider to offer a built-in Internet Lingo translation capability in its new Spector Pro 2010 for Windows and Mac. Whenever a parent encounters any email, chat or instant message containing an acronym they don’t understand, they simply roll their mouse over it from within Spector Pro 2010 and the true meaning is instantly revealed. Together, the free Internet Lingo guide and translation capability help parents protect their children from the Internet’s dark side, and shed light on what otherwise might be puzzling activities or cryptic conversations with friends, classmates, school bullies, or even predators who try to befriend them online. By understanding the one-digit difference between JFI (just for information) and JDI (just do it) or LHO (laughing head off) and LHOS (let’s have online sex), parents can know whether their child is acting appropriately or whether critical decisions need to quickly be made to ensure their safety and well-being.

“SpectorSoft is firmly committed to helping parents keep children safe online and two ways we do this is with the free Lingo Guide and the automatic Lingo Translation feature built in to the new 2010 Spector Pro products,” said SpectorSoft President C. Douglas Fowler. “Children can be extremely tech-savvy yet unaware that online actions can have consequences in real life. Parents have a right and a responsibility to know what their children are saying and seeing online, and what is being said to them, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to monitor their PC and online activity with Spector Pro.”

Spector Pro monitors and records everything an employee or child does at their computer and on the Internet, around the clock. It captures all chat discussions, keystrokes typed, web sites visited, what they search for, emails sent and received, programs run, as well as all activity in MySpace and Facebook. Spector Pro 2010 can be set to block access to desired websites and file sharing services, prevent online chat with certain individuals, and email an alert whenever specific keywords are used in email and chat.

In addition to capturing all of this detail, Spector Pro 2010 offers the industry’s most advanced snapshot recording capability for replaying all activity that took place on a computer. A step-by-step recording of screen snapshots can be viewed in a ‘forward and rewind’ sequence, much like a surveillance video of one’s desktop activity. Spector Pro has deservedly earned its reputation as not only the most trusted monitoring software in the world — and the only monitoring solution available for Mac — but also the most feature-rich, easy and intuitive solution ... even for parents who are not as tech savvy as their children.

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