Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New 'Art of Washing Hands' Web Site Provides Wellness Education for Students

/PRNewswire/ -- Georgia-Pacific Professional is proud to announce the debut of its "Art of Washing Hands" (www.TheArtOfWashingHands.com) Web site, an online portal that offers interactive hand washing and hygiene information to elementary school teachers and students. The Web site highlights proper hand washing techniques, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and is part of Georgia-Pacific Professional's ongoing wellness initiative to educate people of all ages about the importance of washing hands, especially when away from home.

The "Art of Washing Hands" Web site features Georgia-Pacific Professional's character, Mo(TM), who represents the hygienic characteristics of the company's notable enMotion® touchless towel and enMotion(TM) soap dispenser line. Included on the site are Germ-Jitsu themed classroom activities, coloring book pages and hygiene tips. The site also includes original hand washing songs students can learn to sing while they wash their hands - they are the right length to sing through twice for ample hand washing. All materials on the site are available for easy downloading and printing as needed.

"As a major supplier of wellness solutions for our customers and end-users, Georgia-Pacific Professional is committed to helping consumers stay well while away from home," said Bill Sleeper, president - Georgia-Pacific Professional. "As educators and parents seek new avenues to protect students during peak times of the flu season, we are happy to offer a new and exciting alternative to traditional hygiene lessons and educational programs."

The materials, and Germ-Jitsu Mo, will also appear in January 2010 issues of Weekly Reader. Georgia-Pacific Professional's Weekly Reader project is a component of the company's larger Wellness Campaign - a business initiative that will work to improve the health and well being of individuals, businesses and communities across the nation. The campaign will feature an array of awareness and educational programs that promote the benefits of increased hygiene and sustainable practices.

Teachers and educators interested in implementing the new hand-washing lessons in their classroom can access the Weekly Reader resources and materials at www.TheArtOfWashingHands.com. For more information on Georgia-Pacific Professional's Wellness Campaign and ongoing hygiene initiatives, please visit www.gppro.com/HealthSmart.

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