Monday, June 15, 2009

Stories in the Palm of Your Hand

For kids only (or grownups that refuse to leave childhood far behind) Friday June 26th and Saturday June 27th. Taught by Tootle, Tykie, and Froggie (Writer - Beverly Browning, Designer - Kathy Socha, Production Designer - Andi Kulp)

For educational specialists, this course is described as a supervised amalgamation of ancient art forms: puppetry and storytelling. But in reality, it's an insanely hilarious, rollicking free-for-all with glue and googly eyeballs and stick - on antlers and wings. Young puppet makers create a cast of characters...all with past. When the puppets meet each other at the end, the story they create together is outrageous and amazing. Guaranteed. The puppeteers take their puppets home. (Who would trust these puppets to stay together and behave in the gallery?).

Tykie and Froggie are award-winning designers. Tootle is a professional writer and editor. In spite of international credentials and a lifetime of achievement in professional realms, none of them has really ever grown up.

The event will be held at Generations Gallery.

Friday June 26th from 2-4 pm
Saturday June 27th from 10am - 12 noon

Recommended for children ages 6 to 10

All supplies provided, a donation of $5 per child is requested, but not required. 770-227-4002 weekdays and 770-775-7916 Weekends

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