Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Company GrandCamp Adventures has Grandparents and Grandkids Playing Their Way to Better Relationships

Stories Come Alive Through Books, Games, Music and More In Time For The Holidays

For the first time ever, a company will launch this holiday season especially for the grandparent/grandchild experience. Through a mix of storybooks, backyard activities, games and music, GrandCamp Adventures will help grandparents and grandchildren form lasting memories and meaningful connections. In essence, they play their way to better relationships.

Widely recognized by developmental experts as vital to a child’s life, the grandparent/grandchild relationship faces pressure from increasingly busy parents and geographic challenges. Yet, today’s grandparents – numbering 70 million in the nation – are younger than ever before, very active and engaged, and they want to spend time with their grandkids. Company co-founders, Patricia Babuka and Scott Schaefer, saw a need to create interactive experiences to “create the space” to nurture and grow this relationship.

“We realized through our own experience as parents the importance of building a strong relationship between our children and our parents,” said GrandCamp Adventures CEO Patricia Babuka. “Distractions like high tech toys and expensive vacations contribute to the gap between these generations and push away the magical moments and memories that occur when you’re really interacting and just having fun together.”

Babuka and Schaefer created GrandCamp Adventures with their own parents in mind. For 20 years, Babuka’s in-laws have hosted an annual themed-family retreat for all the grandchildren that has become a highly anticipated bonding experience for the family. It was this retreat that inspired her to create the company.

Here’s How It Works
In a GrandCamp Adventures experience, both grandparent and grandchild embark upon a backyard “adventure” centered on a storybook. This storybook, written by award-winning author Walter Sorrells and animated with the help of former freelance Disney animator Victor Tavares, breaks through the page and turns real-life into an “adventure” through activities, games and music that support the central story. Each story and accompanying activity are carefully constructed with the help of developmental experts to ensure the child’s imagination takes center stage while grandparents get the quality time and exposure they so deeply desire.

The First Adventure
The first storybook; “Here We Go! – Around The World Family Adventure,” is complemented with the release of the company’s first music CD (by the same name) that helps grandparents and grandchildren easily add dancing and singing to the fun. The CD features songs that can be played throughout the adventure and contains a variety of styles and genre including jazz, bluegrass, reggae and more. The theme for this first adventure is all about exploring your own family and other families around the world. The story unfolds as a pair of intrepid grandparents who’ve just returned from traveling around the world only to find that their plane had sprung a leak and their precious treasures have fallen out across the land. They quickly enlist the help of their three grandchildren and, along with a magic compass invented by Papa, set out to retrieve all the lost items. Before long, the story crosses over into real-life, much to the surprise of the grandchildren following along.

After the holidays, GrandCamp Adventures will roll out additional exciting and fun products nearly every month that bring the “Here We Go!” story to life. The next phase in the rollout includes GrandCamp Adventures digital games and activities that Grandparents and Grandkids can enjoy online.

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