Thursday, October 14, 2010

Award-Winning Author Pens First Book For Kids Concerned About Gulf Wildlife!

SOMEWHERE ON THE GULF COAST: While adults might think that it’s just the locals, the BPers, the fishermen, and the media keeping a close eye on the Gulf Coast oil spill, many, many pairs of concerned eyes belong to local children, children across America and children around the world.

“Kids always care about the animals,” says Carole Marsh, author of a new book, THE GULF COAST OIL SPILL: POOR LITTLE PELICAN + A KIDREPORTS PHOTO-DOCUMENTARY for ages 4 to 8. Marsh, who grew up on the Georgia coast, spent 20 years on the North Carolina coast, and has been a frequent visitor to locations all along the Gulf Coast, believes the concerns of children should be addressed above all.

“After all,” says the author, “they see us make a mess, but what they want to know is how to help, how to avoid such problems in the future, and most especially, how they can grow up and make a difference.” Her book tells a charming, alliterative read-aloud (or read-alone) story of a family of pelicans and their own shocked discovery of the recent oil spill and its aftermath. The pitch-perfect story is followed by a photo documentary by Gulf Coast girl Erin telling how current events collided with the coastal environment and wildlife. Teachers (and parents) will appreciate the crystal clear explanations and graphics, as well as a glossary and reproducible activities.

“On the one hand, the crisis seems almost over to many people,” Marsh says, “but children, teachers, schools, and others will explore this issue for a long time. I want to give them the facts, the background, the science, but most of all, the hope that things will be all right (and how and why and when), and that they can indeed help by learning more and perhaps even considering future careers that could positively impact coastal environments and the wildlife that live there.”

“Learning more” has been the author’s 30-year writing challenge. She has written more than 60 books on each Gulf Coast state, created social studies curriculum-related resources widely used in Louisiana, and also has a series of children’s mysteries, many set in Gulf Coast states.

Marsh is CEO and founder of Gallopade International, a leader in the production of children’s books, curriculum-related resources and supplementary educational materials since 1979. Gallopade products have won many awards, including the Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice Award, the iParenting Media Award for Greatest Products and the National School Supply and Equipment Association Excellent in Education Award.

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