Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Children's Book Addresses Cyber Bullying

/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On January 1, 2009, California joined the growing number of states that have passed laws against Cyber Bullying. The School Cyber Bullying Law (AB 86) allows school officials to suspend or expel students for Cyber Bullying, or harassment and intimidation via the Internet.

Today's bully has a new playground; computers, cell phones and social networking sites. What was once known as teasing face to face, playing practical jokes, and making prank phone calls has evolved into a generation of bullies that hides behind the veil of computer screens and cell phones.

Creators of the renowned children's book series, Temptation of a Generation, have released their third book that tackles the tough issues today's pre-teens face with technology.

Don't Hit Send Just to Fit In educates children and parents about cyber bullying, a topic rampant in schools across the country affecting kids as young as seven-years-old.

Don't Hit Send Just to Fit In tells the story of a group of tweens who become victims to cyber bullies. On their way to discovering more positive ways to deal with these new found issues, the tweens become bullies themselves. Through the help of positive adults and a magical keyboard, they learn not to succumb to the lure of cyber bullying and realize that there are better ways to fit in and make friends.

"Bullying has always existed among youth, but today's bullying seems to have more devastating effects. The mode of delivery is much faster, and reaches inordinate amounts of people," states Karen Child Ogden, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and contributor to the series. "Once kids post a message on a social networking site or cell phone it can never be erased. Kids don't understand the consequences of their behavior with regard to cyber bullying, and neither do most parents."

Don't Hit Send Just to Fit In teaches children and parents how easy it is to become a cyber bully, or to be bullied online. Studies show 42% of children have been bullied while online, while 58% have not told their parents about something mean or hurtful that happened to them while surfing the net.(1) The ramifications of cyber bullying are far-reaching and include depression, anxiety, school absence, and even death. The number of kids who take their lives due to cyber bullying grows each day.

Don't Hit Send Just to Fit In ($9.99 US) is available online at and

The Temptation Series tackles tough topics relating to tweens and technology such as Internet pornography, cell phone use and abuse, and cyber bullying. The series offers parents information and tools for raising their children to become more emotionally and socially healthy.

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