Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fun, Easy Ways for Kids to Stay Fit During the Holidays

FPK Note: The holidays are here. Households all over Fayette County and Georgia are gearing up for the long anticipated holiday break from school. Give the kids a day or so to become sloths, and then get them moving. We live to "move it" so be sure to give your kids a holiday treat by "moving it" with them!

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Staying fit and eating healthy during the holidays is no easy chore for us. And it's no different for youngsters who become less active and eat more treats during their holiday break.

My Gym Vice President and Fitness Expert Monique Vranesh says the key to keeping local children active is a matter of working physical activity into their daily chores and routines:

1. Take a walk. Even small increments of activity add up over the course of a week.

2. Yard work and cleaning the house can be fun for you and your kids. For example, wash or put away the dishes, fold laundry, sweep or vacuum the house and even use the mop.

3. Go to the park, walk the dog and play with him, and play catch or plan trips with family and friends that involve activities such as biking, paddle-boating, hiking, swimming, skiing – or even just walking to a museum.

4. Walk while you shop. It's gift-giving season, so when you're at the mall, make sure your child is walking everywhere; eliminate the stroller if your child is old enough to walk.

5. Play with your child. Most kids are on holiday break so take them outside to a playground or in your backyard where they can get active. Build a sand castle or a snowman.

6. Exercise with your kids. Studies have proven that if your children see you keeping fit, they'll want to do the same.

7. It's cold outside, so build a fire and make it a family activity by having the kids stack or carry in wood.

8. Marketing and cooking is a must during the holidays. Have kids help carry the groceries, from the car to the house. While you're cooking, ask your kids to get involved.

9. Holidays are a happy time so take advantage and laugh a lot – it burns calories and builds stomach muscles!

10. Eat smart. Let your child help in making meals while teaching him or her about healthy eating.

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