Monday, October 20, 2008

Tips For A Top-Notch "Kiddie Table"

(NAPSI)-According to a recent survey*, 61 percent of American adults and 72 percent of American children have sat at a holiday "kiddie table," a place usually known for being full of fun and laughter. This year, add to the festive spirit by employing a few simple tips to give the children at your celebrations a table specially designed for the occasion.

Dish it out. Make the kiddie table inviting for children by giving them their own set of dishware (unbreakable or disposable) that has patterns and colors appropriate for the occasion at hand. Not only will this show kids that you really took the time to do something special for them, but it also significantly lowers the risk of grandma's antique china slipping out of little hands and shattering on the floor.

Pint-sized Picassos. Keep kids entertained by setting up art projects at the kiddie table. Then, use those completed art projects as wall decorations or centerpieces at next year's holiday dinner. This is a great way to make kids feel like an integral part of the festivities year after year.

Help them help you. If you're not ready for older kids and preteens to move to the adult table, give them responsibilities that make them feel needed at the kiddie table. For example, older children can oversee art projects, keep water glasses full or make sure little ones have washed their hands before eating.

Take your table to new heights. Kids will be more likely to want to sit at the kiddie table if they feel like it was specially designed for them. In addition to kid-focused d├ęcor and art projects, give them a table that's just their size by using an adjustable-height folding table from Lifetime Products, which adjusts to three different height settings to suit kids of all ages.

Visitors welcome. A kiddie table is a great way for kids to bond with each other, but to make sure they get to spend quality time with older relatives too, set up one extra chair at the children's table where adults can sit and spend time with little ones throughout the meal.

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* In a 2007 survey, commissioned by Lifetime Products, of 910 American adults and 721 American children ages 8-17.

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